Corrugated Boxes are made with three folds of paper and hence provide a protective cushioning for the

product inside. Fragile and delicate items are usually packaged using this type of packaging. The

structure provides rigidity to the box yet keeping them light weight making them an ideal option for

delivering goods. It has become the lifeline of e-commerce industry. No matter what you order online, it

usually comes in a corrugated box. There are so many wonderful modifications and useful details that

one can add on top of these boxes to make them look pretty too. Food delivery systems rely heavily on

these boxes as they keep the food protected and fresh during the transportation process.


There are many types of Corrugated Boxes that you can make use of. You can use the slotted box type.

This type is used for packaging small items like glasses and cups etc. Then there is a corrugated tray that

is mostly used when display of the product matters a lot like in the food industry. There are other types

that are widely used in different industries for transporting goods. These include the telescope boxes,

die cut corrugated box, box with flaps, box without flaps, roll end tuck top and five sided boxes. This last

type is usually used for transporting long items like aluminum pipes, antennas, canopies etc.

Let us know your requirements and we shall provide you a custom solution to your needs. Our expert

teams are skilled in providing amazing designs and printing ideas for your packaging boxes. This is an

area we excel in. We believe in innovation with usefulness and cost effectiveness. We create Corrugated

Boxes that can be used for a long time without getting damaged. We take pride in the fact that our

boxes are considered the best by our customers.

Once you place an order, it takes around 4-6 business days for the order to be dispatched. We take 50

boxes as a minimum order to unlimited in number. If you have any query, suggestion or idea, do contact

our support staff any time. We love to hear from you.

Additional information


Available in all shapes and sizes


14pt, 16pt, 18pt and 24pt white SBS C1S C2S


Glossy, Matte aqueous coating and Spot SUV

Add on choices

Die cut window, gold and silver foiling.


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